Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shout out to Vernon Cycle!

I went over to pick up something that I'd ordered at Vernon Cycle (CVC's Sponsor Shop), and asked about replacement forks for cannondales.

My fork is a little shorter than I'd like and I was wondering if cannondale did fork upgrades, since I wanted the lighter full carbon fork.

2 minutes later, the owner comes out with a used full carbon fork cannondale fork that's perfect for my bike. I run home and measure my bike and show up with it.

The fork fits perfectly and is exactly what I needed. There are a few scratches on the clear coat, but I'll cover those up with clear nail polish. Awesome!

Now, with the 105 to Dura ace Swap over and the new fork and other setup, my bike has lost a good pound or so. It's sub 18 pounds now.


Remember, it's all about peformance:

I'm down a few pounds as well. I weighed in at 147 this morning. Trying to get back to the 142-144 range for catskills. It looks doable, but man do I miss eating as much dessert as I want. This is the first time I've gained weight after doing that.


So for the rest of the year:

Couple of training crits, 3 village tour Road Race, Tour of the Catskills, and then Cross season.


On that note: I should really start building up that cross bike...

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