Friday, August 7, 2009

A Little bit of Everything

The monster workout that I'd planned for wednesday didn't happen.

Wednesday's Workout:

I'd planned to do a 3 hour ride, broken down as follows:

5 minutes easy, 15-20 mins tempo, 5-10 mins easy. 30 mins done.
10 mins easy, 10 mins at Threshold, 10 mins easy. 60 mins done.

Repeat for 3 hours total ride time. I think it would have been a good road race training ride.

Unfortunately, I started the tempo interval and my legs had no go juice. I figured I couldn't do the LT intervals, so I figured I'd just keep doing tempo instead.

The 20 min interval marker rolls by, and I'm still going. I decide to keep at it.
The 30 min interval marker goes by, and I'm still going. I keep at it.
The 40 min interval marker goes by, and I'm still going. Really now?

I kept this up for an hour before I stopped because I thought it would be too much for the day. Nice when that happens. My first hour long interval. Nice.


My car had been making some noise for a bit so I decided to take it into the shop. I drove there with my new single speed in the back seat and decided to leave it there to get worked on. Turns out that the muffler was dead.

A few hours and $400 later, my car was running silently again.

I'm going to break even this summer, which is unfortunate but okay.

That being said, my car gave me 30-31 mpg for my trip home to philly, the drive to the lancaster road race and back, and the drive home. Not bad.

Time to start looking for another car though. Bleh.

I also started working on another project. My CAAD9 is getting Dura Ace'd!

Instead of a ride today, I played frisbee with some friends. I still ended up riding about 8-10 miles for the ride to the garage and back, and doing some errands.

The funniest thing happened today...
I took apart my chain and was cleaning it up in degreaser. When I was draining the stuff, I noticed that the quick link had come apart.
"That could go down the drain if it fell out," I thought to myself.
5 minutes later, it did. Whoops...


I had planned to do a 1.5-2 hour ride with a bunch of hills today, but the finishing up of the bike took longer than planned.

I managed to get out and go hammer for 35 minutes of SST work. Normalized power was right around threshold. Good stuff.

Since I didn't ride as much as planned today, I think I'll go out and ride easy for 2-3 hours tomorrow. Should get the legs moving for Tokeneke on sunday.

Dennis, are you ready for the after race sandwiches?


  1. I'm glad you got the muffler fixed. You were scaring the neighbors each time you drove through!

  2. Maybe if I had driven through enough, they would have chipped in to help in the effort to stop the racket.

    That would have been nice.

    That being said, my car can actually accelerate again. Who knew...

    PS: Almonds in the sandwich? Yay, Nay?