Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Graduating Seniors, Hartford, Car troubles, and Tuesday Nighter

I've been up at school this past week in order to work graduation in order to see the seniors and hang out. Hopefully get to enjoy some nice weather and ride a bit too.

I did all of that, possibly too much of all of that.

After watching the seniors graduate on sunday, I was off to hartford to race the downtown crit. It royally sucked. Maybe my saddle was a hair too low, I'm not sure what it was but I couldn't keep up. Then again, it could have been the unrelenting rain that led to total sketchiness from everyone and everything.

I couldn't close gaps since I didn't feel safe enough to be on anyone's wheel. I got pulled from the course.

Monday, I was heading home from dropping/picking up friends from the airport and my car's hood started smoking. I managed to drive it to town without the engine overheating and then let it cool down (managed to get a quick lunch with a friend during this time) and then drove it back to my place. It was smoking a bunch and the engine was overheating so I had to stop it and push it into a driveway. Crazy.

Today in the afternoon, I managed to get a tow truck to come and pick up the car. I have to call the garage today to make sure that everything's good and figure out how much it's going to cost. Ugh...

In any event, I got a ride to the tuesday nighter today and the loathing was rife in me after the dismal hartford crit.

I had a blast at the tuesday nighter and chased down a ton of breaks since we had a someone in a break.

All in all, a good day. Tomorrow will probably suck when I figure out how much the car repair is going to cost. Ugh...

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