Thursday, May 21, 2009

Coach? Check! Training again? Check! Getting ready to race? Super Check!

Can you tell that I'm a little excited to get back in the groove after a week of finals that ruined my training schedule. That being said, all that studying was great for my grades, and I'm much more pleased that I was with them than I was last semester.

I did, however, get a coach for the summer and beyond. I'm working with Coach Aidan Charles of CCNS(, and I'm psyched about it. I did a lactic threshold test with him and we've begun to create a training plan. That leads me to the racing topic.

I talked to Aidan, and he wanted me to race at Hartford this weekend since I haven't raced in a bit. So I'm getting my behind in gear again. I noticed that my body did much better when I trained longer and had more miles in my legs. After a 3 week block of more miles than usual, my recovery was better and I felt better riding longer. This week is going to be about 130-140 training miles and about an hour of racing. I'm excited to carry on with this.

I'm going to start racing the tuesday nighters at hartford from this week onwards. The team that I'm racing with from now, CVC (, runs the race so I should show face and help out with it.

I'm looking forward to this summer. I'm hoping for about 10-15 training hours a week, the training crit, and a race every couple of weeks. Racing with a good team, training a ton, working at the community health center in middletown, and just having a ball with everyone who's here for the summer.

I'm excited.

But for now, I must spend time with the beloved seniors who are leaving us on sunday. They will be missed.

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  1. working at the middletown CHC? very cool. good luck with getting back to feeling good about racing!