Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Nutmeg CT State Games Misadventures

Short and sweet.

4/5 race:
Dropped yet another bottle, this time it was on the side of the road. No harm, but definitely a foul.
Didn't get a draft leading up to the sprint, and I took off in the gear I was spinning @ 120 rpm seated. Stood up and spun out. Sat back down. Crap.

Might as well throw the bike.

4th of a little over 20 riders.

I think that's worth 1 point.

Turns out, I was spinning at 144 rpm before I stood up without shifting. Good god...
I have STI shifters, I should probably use them a little more often...

Saw my best 1 minute ever during the race. I was good for 552W for a minute. Heh.

4's race:
Felt like crap but legs started coming around with 3 to go.
Found myself behind a teammate on the last lap in the section with a headwind.

Found myself near the front when I was supposed to be the one doing the leadout, so I took off. Learned from my earlier mistake and shifted this time.

Gap to the left, get in there.
Gap to the right, get in.
"What the hell are you doing?"
Guy behind me to the right seems to have wanted to go there again. Tough.
Stand up, feel resistance, sprint.

Go. Go. Go.

Throw bike.

4th. 2 points atleast.

Now here's the part about why I'm an idiot.

I live in CT. Work in CT. If I could vote, I'd vote in CT.

For some reason, I forgot to swap my address over to my college address. Thus, I wasn't in contention for the state jersey anyway. Dammit.

I would have had 2nd in the 4/5 race, and 3rd in the 4's for the state rankings.

Oh well.
Live and learn.

Almost halfway to the 3's.

Oh, almost forgot. Almost missed my start to the 4/5 race. And I was the last person to line up for the 4's. I literally unclipped and put my foot down as the pack started to roll away. Whoops...

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