Friday, June 26, 2009

Another Race weekend.

Since the weather just turned to mush an hour ago, I'm going to muse for a bit. It literally went from 80 degrees to 65 degrees and pouring rain, lightning, crazy wind, in about 20 minutes. New england summers, I don't get you... Thunderstorm galore!

So I muse:

I think this is my last race weekend for atleast one week. I.e. I'm not racing next weekend.

That's good and bad. Good because I'll have some time to hang out with the family. I'm headed down for a reunion in Virginia Beach. Bad because the start of july marks the end of dual crit weekends in the area. I.e. less opportunities to get points for the upgrade.

I've been seeing good form over the last couple of weeks, and taking a week mostly 'off' the bike will ensure that it's gone. That means it'll be much much harder to do well in races for atleast a 2 weeks period since I'll need to do some sort of build again. Besides, a lot of things turn to road races at that point of time. The last road race I did was last march...

That being said, I'm looking forward to the hilly road races. The ones where I'll get my behind kicked and I'll be trying my best to be there at certain crucial moments where a teammate might need something. I doubt I'm going to be a player in any of those races...

So, Thompson CT crit tomorrow and CVC's very own Keith Berger crit on sunday. Looks like I have two races where I can make something happen.

Carpe diem!

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