Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Riding, Injuries, and Riding Again!

I suppose that one would think that I would write in here more if I was injured.

My time off, however, led to my immersing myself in college life instead. Taking two weeks off the bike was difficult, but necessary.

I had/have post tibial tendinitis which made it unbearable for me to walk for a few days. I took off four days and then rode again, which wasn't enough of a rest for it. So of course, it flared back up and there was no more walking for me for a few days.

I took off two weeks, and then got back to riding nice and easy. All systems go, for now. The ankle still feels a little funny, but it isn't hurting. I'll take that for now.

I rode hard, real hard, on monday at the pedal power group ride. It was one of my favorite rides in the area, the Portland Hills ride. I really enjoy how challenging it is and it whooped my ass. I fought back this time though, and stayed with the lead group out on the ride. My legs had felt crummy all day, but they worked somehow.

Tuesday was another story. I went out with Rory and all I could do was stay on his wheel. Towards the end of the ride I could barely force myself to latch on after red lights. It sucked.

It's wednesday now and I'm still exhausted. Hopefully I can get out for a medium length easy ride tomorrow. I'm hoping to get out and ride a little on friday (maybe skip class for this) and then on saturday and possibly sunday.

I have a huge exam on monday and a big presentation on tuesday so I'm trying my best to ride a little but stay on top of the work that piles up at the end of the year.

That's all for now.

In other news: I think I'm joining a team for the summer. Sweet!

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