Thursday, March 12, 2009

Little bit of a race report from Princeton

I didn't really post much of a race report from Princeton since I was just concentrating on not cramping. This is what I wrote to a friend and I'll repost it here as a bit of a report and add things here and there. Here goes!

The course: Half a mile, with a short hill that was steep enough to hurt after many laps at speed. I was hitting the hill at 700-800 watts every single lap, that's probably why I cramped up. I should have taken it seated. Live and learn.

Race Report (ish):

The first race wasn't terribly exciting. I couldn't get the draft for some reason and was fighting hard to stay with the main group. I got dropped, and possibly lapped, but I still finished 10 of 30.

The race had a bit of a hill on it which started to wear down on me after repeatedly hitting down on it at speed. I started to cramp on my calves ... Read Moredue to my stupidity (lack of sufficient hydration, electrolytes, etc), so my race was basically trying to do whatever I could to not make it cramp. So that was that. Just taking turns at speed and trying to get a draft (and failing) and trying to stick it out. Legs locked up after the sprint.

I tried to take a few mins to make the cramps go away and then lined up for the second race. Didn't really help much, and I pulled out of the race after my leg started to lock up again.

I wanted to race at rutgers on sunday, but that didn't happen since my legs felt like crap.

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