Saturday, March 7, 2009

The first race of the season

I raced today. It was awesome!

The weather was beautiful. It was in the 60's when I showed up at the line. Incredible.

The course was well cleaned, and a good setup. The hill was sure to keep things interesting.

I rode the 4/5 race first. Everything was going really well till the end where my calves started to cramp and lock up. It's almost 12 hours after the fact now and the right one is still sore.

I'm getting more comfortable cornering hard and I was doing well with taking the corners at speed. I just couldn't find the draft today for some reason. It's always really hard for me to find the draft when everything is spread out pretty much single file. That hurt after a while. The calf pain at the end didn't help either.

Checked the results later. 10 of 30. Not too shabby for a first race back. I'll take it.

I started the 3/4 race since I'd already pre-registered. I dropped out after about 20 minutes. I'd rather save some energy, rest up, and hopefully do better on the race tomorrow. I decided to do the circuit race at rutgers tomorrow. It should be interesting.

I've been massaging the crap out of my calves hoping that the cramps and soreness goes away. I'm really hoping that it does. My performance today was a lot better than I had hoped, if I can draft better and pick a good wheel to follow tomorrow, I might be in contention for the sprint.

A good day, however, is a safe day. That's what happened today and that's all I want for tomorrow.

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