Thursday, February 26, 2009

I guess I should write on here

It's been a while since I've written on here.

There are a few reasons for that, the most telling of which is that I've felt guilty for even looking at my bike for the last few weeks. However, I've come across this new found strength in recent days and I am so completely ready to dive back into riding harder than ever.

I've been doing a lot of physical therapy for my back and it includes core work (planks etc), stretches (hip flexor, hamstrings), and strengthening exercises. Even though I haven't ridden that much in the last few weeks, my endurance and strength on the bike are significantly higher, and I credit these exercises with that. Sweet.

I've ridden for about 4-6 hours a week in the last few weeks. All the workouts have been hard, focused, and to the point. I try leaving everything on the road. It's wonderful.

The first race of the season is this sunday, and if I feel good enough, I might wait around and enter the 3/4 race as well. That'll be sure to have me totally whooped on sunday. There will be a race report to follow. Training races are fun since you can mess around and try things you wouldn't try in a race that you 'care' about. That being said, I'd love to come home with some points. My sprint is coming along well and I'm just about where I wanted to be at the start of season.

I finally have spring break plans as well. I'll be going to VA Beach to race and train for a week and a half. I can't wait to get whipped into shape. I am so much stronger than I was last year that it's incredible.

Everything is looking up. Hellz yes.

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